Veterinary leaders, innovators & PIMS founders discuss the industry and where it is going.

Hosted by technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, the Veterinary Innovation Podcast features discussions with industry leaders and innovators about the challenges they’re facing and how to address them. With topics ranging from cannabis use to industry burnout, you won’t learn this in vet school.

Latest Episodes

  • Data Consolidation Platforms
    Pet records can be a useful source of information to help veterinary clinics make business decisions, but this data is often just siloed off and not acted upon. Chelsea Rhoads of IVEE about data consolidation platforms.
  • Engaging Pet Owners With Video Content
    Video content can not only be used to entertain within the veterinary clinic; there’s also a huge opportunity for education. Dr. Philippe Moreau of Medi-Productions about engaging pet owners with video content.
  • AI-Based Remote Patient Monitoring
    Cats are far less likely than other animals to be brought into veterinary clinics, but they still need to have their health looked after. Sajna Massey of Sylvester AI about AI-based remote patient monitoring.