Veterinary leaders, innovators & PIMS founders discuss the industry and where it is going.

Hosted by technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, the Veterinary Innovation Podcast features discussions with industry leaders and innovators about the challenges they’re facing and how to address them. With topics ranging from cannabis use to industry burnout, you won’t learn this in vet school.

Latest Episodes

  • Connecting Shelters, Pets and Vets
    Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zak welcome Matt Russell from Petszel, to discuss how their platform streamlines the post-adoption workflow by connecting animal shelters, new pet parents, and pet/vet services.
  • A Proactive Approach to Inventory Management
    Emmitt Nantz, co-founder of Inventory Ally, discusses how veterinary hospitals can reduce costs and take control of their inventory management on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast with Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zak.
  • Instinct’s Acquisition of VetMedux: Strategic Insights
    Shawn and Ivan interview Dr. Caleb Frankel from Instinct, discussing the Instinct’s recent acquisition of VetMedux and their vision for integrating their software products to optimize veterinary practice management.