Shawn Wilkie

CEO, Talkatoo

Shawn Wilkie is a serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast who can lead, sell, and get things done. He has twenty years of experience in technology companies, and was a finalist for Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award. When he’s not working on the podcast, Shawn wants to be where the action is – he is a volunteer firefighter and avid traveler.

Dr. Ivan Zak

CEO, Veterinary Integration Solutions

Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov has earned multiple accreditations in veterinary medicine. After graduating, he worked in 35 veterinary hospitals across Canada, where he was inspired to create Smart Flow, a first-in-the-industry workflow optimization system. Smart Flow was subsequently acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX, where he became General Manager of the Software division. After consulting 500+ practices worldwide on workflow optimization, he decided it was time for a new adventure.