Innovation in the Face of the Crisis

March 31, 2020

It is still not clear what sort of long-term damage the COVID-19 pandemic will inflict on people and businesses around the world before it is eradicated, and the veterinary industry has similarly been affected. In these unpredictable times, we want to make sure our listeners know how to best use technology in order to continuing providing care to those who need it most.

You will get to know:

– How to protect your employees, clients, and pets and ensure their safety;
– What new remote tools you can use in the clinic to remain efficient and optimize workflow;
– How to establish a method of rapid communication between teams in an organization.

VCPR Limits Vet Care During Pandemic

May 5, 2020

A frank discussion about the difficulties vets are faced with when navigating unclear, inconsistent and rapidly changing VCPR regulations in the face of a global pandemic.

Some states, such as Colorado, have relaxed the VCPR rules to allow for the establishment of the VCPR electronically, while other states, such as California, have taken steps backward, making the ability to practice telemedicine even more difficult.

A potential silver lining of this global pandemic is the opportunity to not only think about, but to challenge, our current status quo with regards to legislation around the VCPR, and in the process, help veterinary medicine catch up to the digital age our consumers are living in.