Podcasting is the best way to share your
personality with a new audience

1. Listen to one or two previous episodes.
2. Ensure you have a great phone or internet connection.
3. Do your interview in a small, quiet room and close the door.
4. Wear headphones or use a microphone (if you have one). Use this online mic/cam test to check if your microphone is properly set up.
5. Turn off all notifications during your interview.

Latest Episodes

  • 80 – Online Triage
    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more pet owners than ever are turning to the internet for information about what illnesses their pet may have. Dr. Susie Samuel of VetHelpDirect about online triage.
  • 79 – Veterinary Business Coaching
    Veterinarians aren’t taught in school how to run a clinic as a business, which can create a lot of stress later on. Dr. Joel Parker of Veterinary Practice Solutions talks about teaching these skills to clinic owners.
  • 78 – Genotyping Dogs
    Genetic testing is an incredibly useful way to help determine which types of illness or conditions are more prevalent in specific breeds of dogs. Dr. Katie Lyttle about the business of genotyping dogs.