Podcasting is the best way to share your
personality with a new audience

1. Listen to one or two previous episodes.
2. Ensure you have a great phone or internet connection.
3. Do your interview in a small, quiet room and close the door.
4. Wear headphones or use a microphone (if you have one). Use this online mic/cam test to check if your microphone is properly set up.
5. Turn off all notifications during your interview.

Latest Episodes

  • 57 – Financial Planning
    Money is an incredibly important resource, but many people don’t know how to handle it properly. We welcome Isaiah Douglass to talk about financial planning in the veterinary space, clinic valuation, and how to build a relationship with a financial advisor.
  • 56 – Veterinary Digital Cytology
    Dr. Aaron Wallace, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Lacuna Diagnostics, discusses digital cytology, how it improves the process, and building a globally distributed team of pathologists to consult with veterinarians.
  • 55 – Marketing Automation
    Rivers Morrell, the CO of Vet Marketing Pro, discusses marketing automation, purchase intent, and the rise of chatboxes and other digital tools.