Podcasting is the best way to share your
personality with a new audience

1. Listen to one or two previous episodes.
2. Ensure you have a great phone or internet connection.
3. Do your interview in a small, quiet room and close the door.
4. Wear headphones or use a microphone (if you have one). Use this online mic/cam test to check if your microphone is properly set up.
5. Turn off all notifications during your interview.

Latest Episodes

  • 68 – Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Radiology
    It’s projected that three years from now, there will be over six million veterinary cases a year in North America that require a radiologist. Dr. Seth Wallack of Vetology about using AI to help meet this demand.
  • 67 – Ecosystem-Based Platforms
    There’s a veterinary app for every aspect of a pet’s health, but it’s not convenient at all to split your attention between multiple platforms. Roy Stein of BabelBark about consolidating apps into one ecosystem.
  • 66 – Pet Nutrition
    Cultured meat products have gained significant popularity in the past few years, but how might that science be applied to pet nutrition? Dr. Shannon Falconer of Because Animals joins Shawn & Ivan to discuss the advantages of serving pets cultured meat.