Emmitt Nantz | Inventory Ally


In This Episode

Emmitt Nantz, the co-founder of Inventory Ally, and the 2024 VMX Pet Pitch Competition winner, joins Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zak on this week’s episode of the Veterinary Innovation Podcast to discuss the challenges veterinary hospitals face in managing their inventory effectively. 

With nearly twenty years of industry experience, Nant emphasizes that efficient inventory management is key to a well-managed and financially successful veterinary hospital. He highlights Inventory Ally’s innovative approach, which uses the practice’s order history to optimize a weekly cycle count schedule, prioritizes items based on their value and sales volume, and recommends the optimal restock amounts for every item.

Emmitt recommends ‘The Goal’ by Eliyahu Goldratt.

Topics Covered

  • Current challenges in inventory management
  • Inefficiency of existing tools
  • How Inventory Ally can help