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The problem with applying a heuristic approach to pet care is that even if our pets aren’t in pain, that doesn’t mean that they’re not sick. In fact, many pets are brought into clinics later than they should be, simply because the action of taking a pet to a clinic is high-effort. However, what if there were a low-effort alternative that not only allowed pets to be seen sooner, but also allowed vets to better advocate for them – and possibly reduce industry burnout? This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan are joined by Dr. Thom Jenkins, CEO & Co-Founder of PetsApp, to discuss veterinary telehealth. Is it really transformative or is it too far ahead of the curve?

Dr. Jenkins recommends Napoleon’s Master by by David Lawday.

Topics Covered

  • The Need for Pet Advocacy
  • Integrating Telemedicine into a Workflow
  • Alleviating Burnout Through Telemedicine
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