Maciej Wojcik | VetMedSolutions


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To prevent pets from gnawing at or rubbing their wounds, many veterinarians choose to use the e-collar or “cone”. While the plastic tube is somewhat iconic, it’s also bulky and, in some cases, dangerous to others. Spurred on in creating an alternative based on a personal experience, Maciej Wojcik, the Director of Sales and Business Development at VedMedSolutions, developed a recovery garment that resembles a hospital gown for pets.

In an episode recorded live at the New York Vet Show, Maciej joins Shawn and Ivan to discuss how he came up with the idea, how he has grown his business, and some of the challenges in dealing with a physical product.

Topics Covered

  • The Idea Behind Alternative Recovery Garments
  • Developing a Company With a Physical Product