Christopher “Woody” Mawhinney | Pawlicy Advisor

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Instead of treating it like conventional insurance – a safety net against loss or injury – many pet parents want to see the value of paying into pet insurance. With only 2% of pets in North America having insurance, it’s not hard to argue that this vital service is incredibly misunderstood.

This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan welcome Christopher “Woody” Mahwinney, the co-founder and CEO of Pawlicy Advisor, to talk about creating stronger awareness and education about pet insurance, why their operating model is unique from other marketplaces, and the key differences between insurance and wellness plans.

Mr. Mahwinney recommends What Being a Veterinarian Really Takes by Dr. Melanie Bowden.

Topics Covered

  • The Need for Awareness and Education
  • Wellness Plans vs. Insurance
  • The Long-Term View of Insurance