John Honchariw | Companion

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Properly training a pet can be a time-consuming and expensive challenge, one that is far better suited to a machine. Through the use of motion sensors and cameras, how can dogs learn to sit, stand, and become well-trained?

This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan chat with John Honchariw, the founder and CEO of Companion, about training dogs with motion sensor technology, the medical applications that technology can have, and the unfair advantages that machines have over human trainers.

Mr. Honchariw recommends The Interspecies Internet? An Idea in Progress by Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, Neil Gershenfeld and Vint Cerf.

Topics Covered

  • The Utility of Technology in Pet Training
  • The Difficulties of Meeting Product Demand
  • Using Motion Sensors to Discover Health Issues