eric miller

Tapping Into Lesser-Known Ways Of Maximizing The Value Of Your Practice

Eric Miller | Econologics Financial Advisors
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Veterinarians often face with financial management issues, and in this episode, we discuss these challenges with financial advisor Eric Miller, who offers insights on the importance of understanding the veterinary business’s financial aspects to secure economic independence.

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Ryan Gallagher

Automatic Medical Documentation for Vets

Ryan Gallagher | Scribenote
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In this week’s episode of Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan chat with Ryan Gallagher from Scribenote about how their technology streamlines SOAP-format medical record-keeping, freeing up valuable time for veterinarians.

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Dr. Julien Labruyere

Bridging the Gap: Education on AI for Veterinary Professionals

Dr. Julien Labruyere | VetCT
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Educating professionals and effectively using AI tools can enhance various aspects, not just diagnostics and communication. Dr. Julien Labruyère from VetCT joins Shawn and Ivan to emphasize the need for educating veterinary professionals about AI’s workflow and clinical benefits.

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