Pet Benefits

Aaron Oaks | United Pet Health
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Even though 75% of the workforce has a pet at home, only 2% of those pets are insured. Why such a disparity, and how can we increase the rate of adoption for insurance? Aaron Oaks of United Pet Care to discuss pet benefits.

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Pet Parents vs. Pet Owners

Janel Young of Pet Owner Diary
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More and more, creating and maintaining a loving relationship with a pet is becoming the primary reason for many to have one. Janel Young of Nava Pets about the differences between pet parents and pet owners.

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Improving the Quality of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Beth Davidow of the Veterinary Idealist
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Empowering clinic employees to reduce areas of friction can result in a higher-quality medical experience for all. Dr. Beth Davidow of the Veterinary Idealist talks about improving the quality of veterinary medicine.

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Pseudomonas Bacteria Testing

Edgar Goluch | QSM Diagnostics
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Mail-in testing became more widespread due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the method can also be applied to testing for infectious diseases in pets. Edgar Goluch of QSM Diagnostics talks about pseudomonas bacteria testing.

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