Dr. Ira Gordon

Support for Independent Practices

Dr. Ira Gordon | Vetcelerator
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Independent clinics don’t have the resources available to them that consolidator-owned clinics have. How can we connect them with these resources? This week, Shawn & Ivan speak with Dr. Ira Gordon of Vetcelerator about support for independent practices.

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Dr. Gonzalo Erdozain

Digital Dental and Anesthetic Forms

Dr. Gonzalo Erdozain | Scout
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Dental and anesthetic forms are important documents for any practice, though they are also often messy and time-consuming. This week, Shawn & Ivan speak with Dr. Gonzalo Erdozain of Scout about digital dental and anesthetic forms.

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Dr. Andrew Ciccolini

Telehealth for Disaster Response

Dr. Andrew Ciccolini | Galaxy Vets
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People will always need access to veterinary care, even in times of war and natural disaster. How can we help them receive it? This week, Shawn & Ivan speak with Dr. Andrew Ciccolini of Galaxy Vets about telehealth for disaster response.

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Rakesh Tondon

Preventive Care

Rakesh Tondon | Dr. Treat
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Proper preventive care allows pets to live happy and healthy lives while ensuring that they don’t often need to visit a veterinary clinic. This week, Shawn & Ivan speak with Rakesh Tondon of Dr. Treat about preventive care.

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Managed Services for Veterinary Clinics

Baran Schultz | Shultz Technology
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Having a solid IT infrastructure is critical to the success of every veterinary hospital, though it is often an afterthought. This week, Shawn & Ivan speak with Baran Schultz of Shultz Technology about managed services for veterinary clinics.

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